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Drew and Becky are awful. The end.  


Degrassi writers…please stop. 

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I’m just in the corner still shipping Clew

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Thoughts on the Season 13 finale:

  • Biggest shocker: Clare is (most likely) pregnant with Drew’s baby. I have absolutely no idea how this is going to play out. My fingers are crossed for the pregnancy to bring them back together because Aislinn and Luke have great scene chemistry and I love Clare and Drew together but I won’t hold my breath because Degrassi doesn’t seem to root for relationships that have chemistry or believability
  • Bringing Eclare back: snore. @DegrassiWriters How many more times are you going to kill and then revive that relationship before you realize you’ve squeezed every drop of romance out of them already?
  • Major WTF at Drecky coming straight out of left field and becoming canon. Does anyone even enjoy them together? I’m not into it. I have no reason to be. There was 0 buildup. It wasn’t even transiently cute like Spemma. 0/10
  • Triles saved my life. It made Miles’ character 10x more compelling because his #richwhiteboy storylines were so irrelevant and boring. Let’s talk about how comfortable he was kissing Tristan and how he didn’t even care when Winston caught them. I’m looking forward to seeing where their relationship goes in Season 14 and how the two of them handle this newfound romance because it’s high time Degrassi had a male that identifies as something other than straight or gay
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Drecky/Clew/Eclare prediction 


Just had the sudden realization (others might’ve already) that the baby is definitely going to be Drew’s and the writers added Becky to the mix bc then they can do a whole abortion plot and do the whole pro-life/pro-choice controversy. Becky will definitely be pro-life and want Drew to keep the child bc of her religious beliefs. And that will come between her and Drew’s relationship. Clare will probably not want to keep the child bc of going off to NYC for college and not wanting Eli to find out that it’s not his. Idk if I can handle the drama of it all! lol
P.S. I still really hate Drecky.

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From the makers of Hasbro’s Guess Who. Coming this fall, Guess Who: Baby Daddy Edition!

From the makers of Hasbro’s Guess Who. Coming this fall, Guess Who: Baby Daddy Edition!

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Kuddos to whomever made this. 


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As much as I hate clare being pregnant, I actually kinda want clare to have it just so I can see how terrified Drew looks holding a baby

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"It can be Eli’s… it can be Drew’s
…… It’s going to be one long season…" — (via colorfuldreamsforever)

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Was Clare getting preggers really the whole point of Clew? 



Everything they shared, and talked about. All the sweet moments, and how Drew came through for Clare, and how Clare was the only one who cared about Drew when he took the sleeping pills and everyone I MEAN everyone was laughing, and “I thought we meant something” ALL for a Clew baby? No relationship? No actual dating? FML Degrassi.. FML 

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oh and drew and becky???? what???? clew was poppin like 5 seconds ago??? adam??? bye

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This is completely unacceptable. Don’t tease me with Clew then yank it away and give me Drecky. Plus I feel Becky should be totally off limits for Drew.

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drecky friendship


drecky romance


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